What is Surf Circle?

Surf Circle is a surf youth development program for adolescent boys facilitated by four licensed psychologists. We provide a support system for middle and high school aged boys grounded in surf lessons and facilitated discussion. Through these mediums, we foster self-awareness, confidence, and connection.

We work with adolescents to support their development during the transition from childhood to young adulthood—a period full of growth and experimentation. Adolescence is a period of life that pulls for engagement with risk. Our program recognizes this developmental task and we work with youth as they learn to engage with taking risks in a thoughtful and intentional way in the water.

We believe surfing is an empowering, humbling, and challenging practice that mirrors some of the most joyful and difficult experiences in life. Each of us have turned to surfing as a resource in our personal lives and have found deep meaning in our relationship to the ocean. 

In each meeting, we practice the skills of surfing, engage in dialogue together, and enjoy the beauty and power of the ocean.

Surf Circle is run by licensed psychologists and is intended for a wide variety of youth. We work with individuals seeking meaningful experiences, deep connection, and increased self-awareness. Many youth who join Surf Circle struggle with depression, anxiety, social isolation, and trauma. Others are just looking to push themselves, form friendships, and gain competency in the water. We are happy to speak with you and your adolescent to help determine if our approach is the right fit.


Surf circle meets one Sunday per month at either Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica or Half Moon Bay, depending on conditions. We meet from 10:00am-1:00pm. All participants will meet out at the coast and we’ll help coordinate carpooling efforts. A Surf Circle session comprises of five meetings over a five-month period. Participants have the opportunity to extend their participation to the next session of five meetings should they decide to. Members of surf circle span ages 14-18. 

No surfing experience is required in order to benefit from Surf Circle and all levels of surfers are welcome. The staff has extensive experience with teaching the mechanics of surfing and can support surfers regardless of their level of familiarity with the ocean. It is essential that members of Surf Circle have strong swimming abilities.

We provide the essentials, including foam-top surfboards, wetsuits,  and lunch, for Surf Circle Sessions. Your adolescent just needs to bring a towel, some warm clothes, sunscreen, and water.

The Surf Circle is currently a private-pay model with the long term plan of becoming a non-profit and providing scholarships. The cost per session is $500/surfer for a 3-hour session. If our pricing  is prohibitive for your family and you are interested in being placed on our scholarship waiting list, please be in touch.

To inquire about available spaces  and to learn more about the program, please contact us at thesurfcircle@gmail.com.  We will then schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to provide information about the program and assess whether your adolescent could be appropriate for Surf Circle. If so, we'll schedule a 50-minute intake appointment to gather pertinent information and identify your adolescent's needs. We accept applications on a rolling basis.